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Oakmount Property Services apply both the professional and personal touch in order to give you a single point of contact between yourself and your property portfolio.

Overall responsibilities include:

  • Managing properties on behalf of the property owner

  • Providing a point of contact between tenants and property owners 


Day to day activities:

  • Keeping the rent roll up to day and debts to a minimum

  • Ensure the asset is performing

  • Ensuring standards are being kept by both contractors and tenants


Oakmount add value to your portfolio by:

  • Following the rigorous guidelines set out by the RICS

  • Liaising with your tenants in a professional manner, with all correspondence documented

  • Providing you with 24/7 access to your property management portfolio via our specialist app

  • Using our, or your preferred contractors and agents to ensure your objectives are carried out with a minimum of fuss, to the highest professional standards, on or under budget.



Whether you have one property or 100 properties, Oakmount are the best team to have on board.

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